Wall Stickers for Kids – Multicolor Dozen XL


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Playful wall stickers to use in the playroom. The XL size ensures that this decor won’t go unnoticed. Cute minimalist design work perfectly with the neutral nursery themes, as well as with Space, Fantasy, and Natural theme.


The stickers are printed on thick vinyl and come between two films. It makes the application easy and flawless. The stickers work on plaster walls, painted walls, windows, wallpaper, furniture, and other surfaces. The stickers do not fade and do not wear off.


Set includes:

10 large stickers (size 25×30 cm or 10×14 in)

2 small stickers (size 25×15 cm or 6×10 in)


The wall stickers are a great and inexpensive way to add character to the interior. Place them creatively around the furniture, or on the shelving to create an interactive storytelling environment. Perfect for the rented spaces, nursery decoration, classroom zoning, or quick room makeover.


We love to use these stickers with busy boards, too!