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Easel Stand for Busy Board


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Easel – Natural Wood

Size: 35 cm x 40 cm x 10 cm


Wood: Sustainable rubberwood


Easel stand for busy board made of natural wood guarantees simple and quick setup. Put it anywhere and take it around easel-y. (Pun intended ? )

It is our go-to recommended base for the Easy Busy Boards™.

how to use easel as a stand for busy board indoors

You can secure the busy board on it really easily with the ties or blu-tack. Whenever you’re not using the easel for the busy board, you can find a million other uses for it.



Here are just a few ways to use this easel creatively in your kids room:

  • Put some art on it
  • Display your kid’s favorite jumbo book
  • Help your kids to make a standout menu for their lemonade stand

As parents and busy board makers, we have felt the need for an easy way to make a busy board stand. We usually recommend mounting it on the wall, but it may be not an option for someone.

Looking for a multifunctional busy board stand?

This chunky yet light easel is the perfect solution. It is widely used in the schools and kids centers here in Vietnam, and we love the functionality and reusability of it.