How to Make a Busyboard: How to Place a Busyboard Safely?

How to place a busyboard safely? Where are you gonna put it? Don’t let these questions set you back. Let’s see what choices you have, and pick the one that’ll work best for you.


Toddler activity boards a.k.a. busy boards are a great addition to any house. I installed a lot of them in the renovated playrooms and rented apartments. They change the atmosphere in a second.
Any space will benefit from such a bright, fun, nicely designed big object. It’s like bringing a huge piece of modern art in your house. Think Takashi Murakami paintings or the Jeff Koons sculptures  – when it’s big and colorful, you just can’t hold your dopamine from kicking in.
If you don’t know how to place a busyboard in your house, below you will find some simple questions and crowdsourced advice.

First of all, where do you put a busyboard? I’m glad you asked. 

How to place a busyboard: which area is best?

First, decide what area will work best for your baby’s age. If your baby is 6-12 months old, placing the busy board somewhere close to your own area where you can keep an eye on her would be a good idea. I mounted the first board for my one-year-old in the hallway near the kitchen. Thus he was out of my way, but still close enough. It is a popular option. See below a post from another mom, who chose the same placement. 
Put the board somewhere in the view of your favorite coffee spot, so you can enjoy your relaxed moments and watch the baby play. You don’t want to miss all the fun that inevitably comes when you give a door spring to a toddler.
If your kid is big enough to play on his own, then a nursery or playroom would be a perfect option.
Photo: It’s Leigh
Photo: AllThingsKatieMarie
I ran across several posts across the web where people even place it in the living room. It does look very nice since the busyboard adds a perfect warming splash of color and fun to any room. Just make sure that the kiddo will not be in your way, and that the doors or furniture are not too close.
busy board in the living room
Photo: OurHomegrownSpud

The outdoor is a lovely option. Think backyard or porch. It will limit the busyboard usage to the warm season only, though, so consider if it will work for your area. 

how to place busy board outdoor
Photo: TheArtGarden

Second, you have to decide what mounting option is the best for you and safest for your child. The busyboard is a close-to-reality toy, it needs a proper installation that will provide safety and convenience for the little user.


How to place a busy board: which way is the safest?


1. Put it down on the floor – OK

Will work for the little babies, who do not stand yet. Do it if you have a heavy board, the one that baby cannot drag all over the place. While allowable, this option requires you keep a close eye on the play. The horizontal surface brings in special fun. Kids tend to pull in other toys, from cars to dolls, to add to the busy board. It turns into an amazing obstacle course for matchbox cars, while action figures find their way through the hardware maze.

Emir was mesmerized with the little platform on the piano hinge that I made the other day. He took a little man and he was getting this tiny ‘door’ open and close, open and close for 30 minutes in a row. Guess I missed the perfect opportunity to teach him some foolproof knock-knock jokes.


2. Lean it against things – RATHER NOT!


Only allowable if the parent is around, and make sure it doesn’t slide. Try putting it on a big pillow, for instance, as we did during Frankie’s first birthday.

It is usually the temporary method that parents use before they mount the board to the wall. Even if it’s the case, the baby only should play under your full control. Otherwise, put the board securely away.

Mobile busy boards have their benefits, such as, well, mobility. When older kids build a fort or a spaceship, they can grab the board and make it a control panel or a magic dungeon door. However, if your baby is still far from building forts, unmounted busy boards are generally less safe.


3. Make it stand – OK


There are several options that let busy board stand on its own.
One is making a very sturdy heavy base to keep the board upright. Like here.
Source: Matthighlively
While it looks very secure, I believe it weighs a ton. It also eats up a chunk of the floor space.
Another option is making a double-sided board, that unfolds like a book and has small hooks installed on the sides to keep it open.
Photo: TableAndHearth


This is a good solution. Just keep in mind that it still can flip over. Also, you’ll need to store it somewhere. Yet I love this model for the additional dimension. I’d bring in the small toys and build a train tunnel through that busy board! 

All stand-alone options have one “con” in my opinion, which is taking a LOT of your floor space. If your place allows – go for it. Just make sure your baby has several square feet around for a comfortable play.  

4. Mount it to the wall – THE WINNER!


Photo: ACountryPile
It is the best, safest, most convenient way. I am adamant about it. 
how to put busyboard safely for toddler
It is comfortable to play with, and it doesn’t clutter the house. Besides, it adds the perfect accent to the interior, and as safe as Dwayne Johnson. It stimulates your baby’s gross motor skills by encouraging longer stand-up sessions.  
The only requirement is a good power drill if you have concrete walls. If they’re wooden, a simple hammer will do. This solution will last forever and you will never regret it.
Hope this post helped you to decide how to place a busyboard for your kid. Check out our other posts to answer all your questions about busyboards! 
How to place a busyboard safely: different options research

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