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Another busy board for babies made by Easy Busy Boards! We’re very happy to be making these unique early development toys that become game-changers (pun intended) for all the little ones around the world.

Danny’s mom was looking for a busy board for babies who are learning to stand, to give to her adorable 9-months old third son. As Danny was starting to stand up at that time, she wanted to encourage his efforts to remain vertical. Busy boards work just great for this because they have enough shiny trinkets to get baby distracted while also giving them something to grasp on.

As lots of babies of his age, Danny loves “The Wheels on the Bus” song. The bus, therefore, was chosen as the theme for his busy board. But not just any bus – a particular London double-decker with that signature yellow stripe.

Stripes are a very easy beginner-friendly pattern. If you’re looking for tips about painting a busy board for babies, find more of them here: How to Make a Busy Board: How to Paint a Busy Board

After finalizing the design and painting it firetruck red, we added 19 different busyboard elements. Most of them work best for a 1-year-old, and have a potential for the skills that will build up later. Including, but not limited to button, hooks, roller, digital counter, a makeshift cargo pulley, a door, a lock, a trolley, and an amazing Chinese lion head bell ? .

The busy board blew Danny away. With the uttermost focus, he went on the meticulous research of each and every element on his way. The bell and the metal rollers have absolutely mesmerizing effect on little boys.

Though not so little, too! Who said that the busy boards for babies? In this case, the owner’s two older brothers, 5 and 8, also played. And boy, they played! They played their hearts off with this bright, bold, stimulating, large toy.

Yes, it’s amazing news for the busy board lovers. A lot of parents report their kids playing with the busyboards for years and years. The play pattern evolves as they get older.

And what happens to your kids when they play with the busyboard until 7 years of age and more? Read soon in our blog. Based on the real story

What do elements on busy board can teach?

If you want to make a busy board for your baby, pay attention to the unexpected aisles in your local store. For example, on this board the dog collar found a very unusual use as a tool for a little one to train to buckle up and down. The makeshift pulley with the carbines on both ends is an amazing element for the sensory board that lets babies learn the pulley principle, while older kids can weigh up different objects versus one another.

busy board in the making hot to build a busy board

What to put under the door on the activity board? Don’t overthink it. Grab a piece of washi tape, and just put there the picture of whatever your baby likes the most at the moment. As you will be going on with education, you can put letters and numbers there.

The amazing thing about busy boards for babies is that they set up such an open-ended play. Just give them time, and they will move from just holding onto it to handling all locks in a blink of an yet, and then to the full-scale DJ sets on the wheels and spring.

See into our other busyboards to find the one that has your baby’s name on it!

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