Why the best busy board for one kid can be a total no-go for another? Because all kids are different, just like all parents are. 

Some parents would go for putting the electric socket on the busy board to teach their youngest to handle them properly. Others would say it doesn’t make sense to allow them to play with one socket and forbid the others. 

Sometimes parents look for life skills training parts like zippers, buckles, screw tops, locks. Others like quirks – phones, rotary wheels, tumblers, compasses. 

While somebody googles how exactly busy boards educate kids, others sit very still and sip their hot coffee while the toddler stays busy. 

Lots of love to all of you, because you all are doing your best for your kid. 

since you’re the one who knows your kid best, you will be the person WHo knows:

  • which parts they will love
  • which activities they are likely to stick to
  • what will not drive the family crazy (imagine bringing a honk to a home with a newborn)
  • which skills you want to encourage

Obviously, the perfect toy will be different for everyone. 

Skills choice is so personal. With my boy, we used a busy board for fine motor skills building, roleplay, speech therapy, teamwork building. We use the concierge bell during our maths lessons. I ring a victory bell every time he solves a problem, and it totally sets my slow learner on fire.

How do you make your busy board, you ask? Why, in the Easy Busy Boards Builder, of course!

The only online builder that lets anyone create their own busy board and get it made.

The pre-orders open in a week on Kickstarter! Thanks to all you people who already claimed their Super Early Bird price! 

We’re launching this Kickstarter campaign so that everyone could join us in making more babies busy, more parents happy, and bring more fun into this world.

Follow our CAMPAIGN page the registration is only 2 steps. Thank you!

If the project gets fully funded, we will be able to kick-start the busy boards’ production with your designs. Can not wait to see them! 


make activity board


What’s even better? If we get fully funded, it will unlock free international shipping to the countries of APAC, Europe, and Northern America.


So, how you can contribute to keeping babies busy everywhere, easy? Just pledge by choosing one of the perks below. 

what you can get:

Parents are happy when babies are busy. AND WE WANT TO make more parents happy ?

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