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With all the fuss, new website, and a new shiny brand, we felt like it is time to re-introduce ourselves and tell a bit of Easy Busy Boards story.

Hi ?

I’m Vera, the mom, and creator of Easy Busy Boards™ (previously known as OyBoy and oyboystuff.com). My husband Timur and son Emir are the co-pilots, beta-testers, and visionaries behind the brand – not that they had a choice.

Together with our grandma Lydia, we live in Vietnam. We moved here in 2015 from Ukraine to pursue our marketing careers and we’re still here.


For eight years now, I have been sharing my DIY projects and busy boards in my two previous blogs. The boards in particular were such a hit that people just wouldn’t stop coming.

(Read here – What is a busy board?)

The first idea for Easy Busy Boards Builder was born after my 15th or 20th custom order.

woman making a busy board woodworking project

I loved how every parent would inquire for different parts and quirks for their kids. It clearly channeled the need for an ultimate personalizing solution.

In 2020, we’ve made it happen. We were committed to letting everyone make 100% custom busy board for their kids, babies, learners, and whoever. Online & easy.

Why did we do this? Because we believe in busy boards. We believe that all kids and all caregivers deserve this unique bonding experience of shared toy-making. Also, because it’s FUN!


As a parent of a one-of-a-kind Nevus owner myself, I know well that all kids are unique. I love making custom toys basing on the strengths and talents of a particular kid. I love seeing how their eyes light up and they start to invent endless games.

sensory play sounds
easy busy boards story using busy board for homeschooler with ADHD

A personal busy board is a once-in-a-lifetime dream toy. But not everyone has all it takes to make one, skills, or resource-wise. So I dreamt of creating an easy way for every caregiver to make ultra-custom busy board.

Part of the Easy Busy Boards’ story is the years of testing, researching, making, and selling boards as a side business. I kept the blog alive, giving back to the busy boards’ community. But I could only dream of making time to find “The Solution”. Always too busy.

And then quarantine happened.


Locked down with my spouse, a senior beloved grandma, and a 7-year-old. Lots of time on the hot balcony office. What should we do? We decided to put good use of the isolation and conceptualized Easy Busy Boards Builder.

An interactive online constructor, where anyone, even toddler, can create a busy board in seconds from their parts of choice, and get it made in one click. So easy!

busy boards for girls and boys and anyone. Easy Busy Boards Builder empowers all carers and babies to make their own developmental toys.

We are digging the non-plastic, durable, future-proof toys that create a unique learning setup for all children.

If you believe in:

gender-neutral toys for toddlers

early childhood sensory development

equal education opportunities

art & design importance for kids’ mental health

smarter playroom solutions for everyone

Please consider browsing through Easy Busy Boards™ store. It is all we love in playrooms, and there are always nice deals & freebies ?



We’ve taken our passion for busy boards. Expertise in launching great consumer-friendly brands. Manufacture-friendly location. And, we’ve made Easy Busy Boards a reality.

Making this software was a lot of fun. We picked dozens of elements based on our own experience and consultations with the Early Years teachers. Then we took a lot of pictures and worked with our sleepless developers to fit everything perfectly in the online version.

With this Builder, we want to jumpstart a new solution for all parents looking for durable less-plastic multifunctional indoor learning toys for their toddlers. Whatever kind of learners they are.

easy busy boards story learning included

In the Easy Busy Builder, you have all parts and bases lined up for you. Try out your ideas and create a unique busy board for your kid.

We made it really easy, so you can make it a reality before they grow up.

easy busy boards builder kickstarter

What’s up?

easy busy boards story templates sample 2UPD JUL: We take pride in our gender-neutral designer patterns. They give a whimsical pop to any playroom. Last month we’ve asked our community which you like the most. Thanks for narrowing the shortlist!

easy busy boards story bamboo elementsUPD AUG: We’re spending lots of time sourcing Sensory Sack parts. These bamboo knuckles are definitely in. Sourced from local women-owned businesses, they make nice clacking sounds and have great texture.

UPD SEP: The final samples for natural & colored designs have been produced. And, we couldn’t be happier with the quality. Some of them even got sold already!


UPD OCT: The most popular patterns were reworked with the help of a professional kids illustrator & final samples produced & tested.


The baby-safe paint worked perfectly on pine. We’re just in love with the matte finish, crisp lines & this tiny logo. 


UPD NOV: Meet our campaign mascot – the Heart. This interactive base is awesome because everyone can go creative and make their own funny faces. Can’t wait to see what you will come up with!

UPD: And here’s our Heart in action! Also, we found a superb multifunctional way to mount it. You know, easel-y. 😉

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  1. LOL, thank you, Maria! I love how Emir would always draw himself with his birthmark, even on a Lego head 😀

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