woman making a busy board woodworking project

Busyboards Making-of updates: getting wooden base for busyboard

I was working on samples for two new boards.Ā 
So, I went to this workshopĀ in the very heart of Saigon. Great experience. I had to cut out 4 smaller templates, and a big moose head. Aside from jigsaw, I used the power drill and the big drilling machine. And I liked it!Ā 
Great to start again after a way too big gap.Ā 
Also, introducing myself to tropical kinds of wood. Bye bye, pine, hello, acaсia! It’s of the same color and same density, but way lighter. Ā 
I’m still struggling with curves. Little ones are like little pains in the ass. But big ones worked out in a breath, and they are p-e-r-f-e-c-t!

Coming soon!
All pictures are by Vihn, the great owner of this workshop.Ā 
I felt really uncomfortable not wearing any protection, so I’m getting good gloves and glasses asap.

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