woman making a busy board woodworking project
I was working on samples for two new boards
So, I went to this workshop in the very heart of Saigon. Great experience. I had to cut out 4 smaller templates, and a big moose head. Aside from jigsaw, I used the power drill and the big drilling machine. And I liked it! 
Great to start again after a way too big gap. 
Also, introducing myself to tropical kinds of wood. Bye bye, pine, hello, acaсia! It’s of the same color and same density, but way lighter.  
I’m still struggling with curves. Little ones are like little pains in the ass. But big ones worked out in a breath, and they are p-e-r-f-e-c-t!

Coming soon!
All pictures are by Vihn, the great owner of this workshop. 
I felt really uncomfortable not wearing any protection, so I’m getting good gloves and glasses asap.
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