Yay! My first real busy board here — in Vietnam!

It took a long time, and countless efforts to make it. To start with, there is nothing even closely like “Home Depot” stores, or anything similar here in Ho Chi Minh City. Back in Europe, I can just go to one store and get everything I need, calmly and neatly. Here putting my hands on every little part means long bike rides around dusty and hot HCMC, being stuck in traffic, exploring little dark local shops and ruthless haggle with century-old Vietnamese seller ladies.


Buying wood is a challenge itself. I was lucky enough to make friends with a local carpenter, who pointed me in the right direction. You can still go for pine or oak here, but if you’re not making any fancy furniture, you’ll probably settle with rubberwood. It’s sturdy, light and eco-friendly since it’s made out of too-old-for-making-rubber rubber trees.

Commuting around is nothing easy, as well. That’s how I get materials and tools around.

how to make a busy board for one year old for baby for baby girl for baby boy
Colors added…

So, I brought wood and parts to my apartment (no workshop for me yet) and started working on it. Iron Man inspired the colors. I like the stripes though they demand a more careful approach to elements placement. A huge honk inspired the “firetruck” theme. It was so big, so shiny and so loud! It just asked to be put on something red.


the real busyboard

Still not quite happy with a too-even right side, but what’s good is that it can be improved anytime.

Aaaaah! Nothing makes me feel as good as woodworking.

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