Today I threw a trial on block-printing. It was really easy and absolutely pleasant. And I’m deeply satisfied with result.

I noticed that I craft much better, if I combine different inspirations and nurture future project in my mind for couple weeks. As for block-printing, there are lots of awesome artists around web. Check amazing Andrea Lauren at Pinterest, for a dose of sophisticated beauty. I chose Martha’s idea of printing with household items – good for beginners. Most helpful post for me was this one from Design Improvised.

I chose to make printed tea towels for New Year presents, and got perfect linen fabric for them. Still, I just wasn’t confident enough. So today I grabbed a piece of scrap fabric and started. You’ll need some burlap or other sturdy fabric, acrylic-on-fabric paint, some fabric to print on, sponge applier, and any stamp-like objects you can find around. 2 layers of burlap will protect your table and make printing easier.


It printed so smooth! I wasn’t expecting it to be so easy. For stamps I used one of my less successful projects – small plywood houses.

Then I added snowflakes – with a tip of a brush (choose a tip with sharp edges, not rounded). I also used it to fix some imperfections on houses.
So much fun – plop, plop, plop, plop!
Ah, winter! Beautiful. But still lacks something.
Moon is a quickie-stamp – I cut it out of styrofoam. Not durable, but works well.
A tip: have small piece of fabric at hand, and check all your doubts on it.
Another tip: that’s how you dry your print, when there’s toddler around.
I’m so happy with it. Soon will be printing a whole bunch of towels. Hope they’ll be as pretty as my first one!


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