What is a busy board?

Busy boards keep babies busy and parents happy. But there’s more.

What is busy board? The busy board a.k.a activity board a.k.a. the sensory board is a developmental toy made of the common everyday objects. This custom toy gives babies a safe place to experiment with otherwise forbidden things.

We at Easy Busy Boards™ observe the kids and babies of all ages playing with busyboards at home and on playgrounds. A surprising fact: no two kids have the same way of playing with busyboard. Some of them pull and push. Some are fond of ropes. Some are mesmerized with sounds. Some will do their best to connect all the elements. It goes on.

Benefits of a well-equipped busy board for babies:

Promotes fine motor skills & builds up the fingers’ strength

Provides a sensory experience with pleasant textures & noises

Introduces problem-solving, cause and effect exploration

A booster for the imaginative and open-ended play

Storage-free, mess-free, complementing all interiors

The best present for baby who loves bright & bold activity toys

What is a busy board?
It’s a non-plastic toy with STEM and sensory items that lets baby engage in learning through play.

This incredible interactive activity board is a wonderful addition to any play nook, nursery, or kindergarten. Busy boards provide sensory, kinesthetic, visual, and auditory feedback to basic touch input. Every move brings the stimulation that kids enjoy and learn from. 

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    It's big, bright, beneficial, and it keeps toddlers busy.

    Thousands of caregivers around the world wish they could make it for their babies… And now they can!

    At Easy Busy Boards™, our mission is to help more parents and caregivers harness the power of busy boards with and for their kids. That’s why we’ve developed a one-of-a-kind online Easy Busy Boards™ Builder

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