busy board reviews from real parents and educators
Every day we get inspired by busy board reviews sent to us by all new moms and dads nurturing tiny growing humans.
We’re eager to go through the most epic experiences with them on this journey. Together with you, we dream to bring a 100% unique busy board for each baby out there, adjusted to their skills and likes.

But wait, we know what you’re thinking.

Busy board is a big and often costly toy.
Will the small parts stand the wear and tear of a toddler?
Will it not be tossed after two minutes?
How exactly is it educational?
To answer these questions, here are FEW WORDS FROM parents who already experienced Easy Busy Boards. Find out more in their busy board reviews:
busy board sensory board busy board reviews from real parents make busy board without power tools or DIY skills

My son has been playing with the board for over a year now, and every time he would come up with something new and cool. It’s genius! The spring door stopper is our favorite!

– Alona – mom of David

busy board reviews from the real moms and parents

We love our busy board, it keeps my son exploring and experimenting, develops his fine motor skills, and has endless possible ways of play. Moreover, it is safe and I am impressed with the quality and the choice of objects on the board. 

Anastacia – mom of Matt 

busy board activity board testimonials reviews

Easy Busy Board was a birthday present. It was fantastic! The makers definitely are parents themselves. They do know what toddlers like. The birthday boy was swept away, just as were the other guests.

Anna – aunt of Orest

busy board reviews from parents and childhood educators

Unlike with toys, kids never get bored with the real stuff on Easy Busy Board. It is a Montessori-aligned developmental toy, which also looks good! Finally, toys that cater to adults’ tastes.

– Gladys – mom of Kage & Early Years Teacher

The busy board is the best toy. It’s all fun in one place, no need to clean up the mess. And it has no age limit! I mean – it grows with kids and their imagination.

– Ann – mom of Zac

busy boards testimonials reviews from moms and dads

It’s the first thing everyone notices when they visit us. It’s handmade and full of positive energy, which is really different from plastic toys.

– Marie – mom of Marta

easy busy boards reviews recommendations from teacter preschool kindergarten early years educators

As a Kindergarten teacher, I can highly recommend the busy boards! These are an awesome tool to help promote young children’s fine motor, hand/eye coordination, and simple problem-solving skills while having lots of fun! It also allows children to experience sensory play as they manipulate different textures and listen to the different noises the objects make.

Shelley – Early Years Teacher & mom of Liliana

the reviews and recommendations for the busy board use by teachers and parents

Being a mum and an early years teacher I saw the huge benefits of using a busy board at home. So much learning all conveniently put on one board. I could really see these working for one-to-one support in schools as well. They are so child friendly and promote hand-eye coordination, problem-solving, and imaginative play greatly.

– Alice – Early Years Teacher & mom of Slava

real moms and dads reviwews on easy busy board sensory boards activity boards

You can find a lot of apps for boys and girls in the App Store. Lots of good and not so good ones. But do you really want to grow a screen-addicted child? Me not. That’s why I decided to buy a busy board for my 18 months girl. And you know what? She loves it!

– Gleb – dad of Tilda

This gives an idea of why so many parents swear for the activity boards when it comes to keeping babies busy. Hope these busy board reviews were helpful for you!

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