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Emir is spending most of his time in our country-house now. It’s a small funny house in the middle of spacious green meadow right next to the beautiful pine forest. I just couldn’t be more happy for him. However nice expat living was, our activities were limited to apartment and school, occasionally – parks. But here he has all the outdoor he could ask for. It also comes with two dogs, grandmother, three cousins, auntie and uncle and numerous friends.

Just like that wasn’t enough, we got him a pedal car. ‘Cause every boy deserves his own ride to have fun wheeling around the village.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that Emir adores customizing his toys. He is always eager to attach details, decorations, or at least stickers or some paint. This time, he inquired for a spruce-up “like on this car, mommy”.

Like on this killer beast from Tarantino’s “Deathproof”, mommy

Skull. Of course.

What else could a pirate-obsessed 4-year-old ask for?

So I grabbed another piece of cardboard, the very last spraypaint leftovers from this project, and my x-acto knife. A rough skull stencil worked just fine with a piece of scrap wood. I don’t have a step-by-step tutorial for this one. The process is pretty obvious, though, and simple.

Paint your board black, cut out the skull stencil (make sure to leave thin connections between eyes and nose and the sheet). Then stencil your skull onto wood with a silver paint. Done.

I taped it to the front tubing of the car. Meanwhile, Emir brought few spare busy-board elements to tape them on, too. Check out the machinery lamp on top of the skull, and the button panel below. So color-coordinated.

Show me a more bad-ass preschooler pedal car, and I’ll eat my hat!

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