Have you seen these mesmerizing Youtube videos with the street artists who make astonishing intricate masterpieces happen right before your eyes? They do have much in their performance from the street magicians. Well, guess what? Let’s steal their tricks today. This spraypaint art how to tutorial will take you straight to the perfect picture to put on your wall, and you don’t need to go to Rome for this.


If you have a piece of board and just some leftover spray paints, you can have a shiny new art for your workspace or playroom in only about an hour. How does it sound?
So, you’ll need:
  • A piece of plywood (any wood) of the desired size. I’d recommend anything from 12×15 inches and bigger.
  • Black spray paint
  • Silver spray paint
  • White and/or colored spray
  • A round object
  • Gloves, glasses and mask
Make sure you paint outdoor, or somewhere with good ventilation. Also, you’d probably want to use some newspapers to cover the floor. If you care. I had my concrete junkyard floor to get as messy as I could.
My scrap piece of OCB worked fine for the outdoor project, but the more indoor you want this art to be, the more smooth surface you should pick.
The steps are simple:
  1. Paint it black
  2. Add a rough circle. Make it few layers of silver, white and color.
  3. Add elliptical rings
  4. Put your round object on top
  5. Paint it black, again
  6. Add silver-ish “stars” and “nebulas”
  7. Remove the round object


Choose whichever color goes well with your interior. What’s cool about planets is that they can be of any shades. I had so much fun the other day painting a Solar System for my son. Red Mars and Blue Earth, and we also had purple Mercury and brown-yellow Saturn. I guess the more you get into preschooler activities, the more planets happen to appear around you. Though, a bunch of huge rocks named after badass Roman gods is not a bad company.
Depending on what kind of paint you use, each layer will take about 5-10 minutes to dry. You don’t need to wait EVERY time, though. Sometimes, like here, I loved how orange paint mixed with silver. So I sprayed them simultaneously, one right after the other, couple times. The more textures you will get here, the richer will be your final product. Add elliptical lines and some spots.


When you’ll have a multi-layered messy huge blot in the middle of your painting, stop. Take your round object. You want to choose something that will stay in place firmly enough. A paper plate won’t do here. Opt for an old frisbee or a can of paint. Put it on top of your circle, and paint around with black. Don’t spray too much around the edges, or it can leak through. Better do two to three moderate layers.
Now, take a pair of disposable gloves. I used my usual ones. Somehow, I always end up spotted with paint all over my body anyway, so – whatever.
Spray several drops of paint on your fingertips and kinda sprinkle it over your painting. You’ll get the effect of starry sky. Take silver paint and add few light touches from a medium distance here and there. They will look just like nebulas.


When the paint dries, remove the can. Voila!
Congratulations on completing your own spectacular space art! Now put it on your gallery wall and enjoy.
I will make next one on proper base and put on the bedroom shelf with a toy rocket in front of it. A perfect ensemble.
Now, I only have two questions for you: which color? and which room?
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