How to make a busy-board? Besides having few tools and some supplies – which helps – you also need a certain mindset. You can achieve it. Shift your view from adult perception to childish desire to fool around with things. Try to remember what you messed around with most when you were a toddler.

Did you turn off the light in WC all the time? Locked up anyone outdoor in freezing cold? Pulled the rotary phone off the hallway table?

Let’s refresh these emotions. A great way to find inspiration for DIY toys is children’s museums. Oversized objects and tactile experiences bring the childhood vibe back. Skip the science and go straight to interactive play installations. Usually it’s gears and wheels and construction blocks, but quite often they do get more creative. Let us share some of our favorite ideas.

A great idea on the intersection of interactive installation and building blocks. And clouds, of course! That’s exactly why it’s N1 on our list.

Image credit: James Paulius

Nothing new about using cardboard and wine corks. But Tali did a great job by creating a unified space with holistic and stylish experience.

 Image credit: Nirit Gur-Karby

I love how this installation is so visual and stuffed with knowledge. And still on the fun side thanks to an abundance of the hands-on elements. It’s worth going all the way to Beijing!

Image credit: 2×4 Inc

This concept is perfect. How do you get the kid not to run away from you? You don’t. You loop the runway and stand there sipping your green tea while the kids are trotting by again and again. Genius!

Image credit: TED

A marvelous piece. I adore how Madame Kusama found a way to document the transforming magic of children’s touch. A new challenge for me. I’d love to incorporate some elements with a similar effect into busy-boards. Gotta brainstorm about it!

Image credit: The Art Elephant
Consider your upcoming busy-board your kid’s own private interactive work of art. And now, do your best! Try experimenting with shapes, sounds, forms, textures, materials, kinetics and visuals.

Maybe, you’d like to combine the parts on your busy board into funny faces to add emotional development – like here.


make busy board in a busy board builder by easy busy boards

Or, set off an area of your busy board for stickers, photos, or flashcards.



Embrace the endless opportunities!

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