Cool Busyboard for Two-Year-Old in action

Meet Slavik – officially the cutest Captain on this Ship, a perfection among busy boards for toddlers who love tinkering. These tiny hands couldn’t be more adorable, laid on a new shiny activity toy.

Who knew a motorbike distance counter can drive such an engaged “oooooh!” from a toddler? Note the fingers movement!

busyboard for two-year-old ship themed busy board activity board sensory play imagination toy
busyboard for two-year-old toddler with the bell, locks, latches and cool design. Little boy playing with activity board.

He is nearly two, and it’s just a perfect age for this challenging developmental toy. Slavik is still enjoying loud sounds and simple motions. However, his brain is now developed enough for harder tasks. This lets the busy boards for toddlers over two years old to utilize more educational elements. Think numbers, puzzles, counters and locks.

I always prefer mounting a busy-board to the wall. I love how it pops out in any interior and makes the room so very playful. It also helps the moms, as you don’t have to store or clean it up. On the contrary, when you tidy the room, a busy board usually makes a great display to put a couple of smaller toys on.

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However, little guys are always eager to play with it on the floor, too. In that way, they can add some toys to interact with the elements – matchbox cars, lego men, little action figures and what not.

This time, though, Slavik was simply fancying the ding dongs, swooshes and rattles. Awww, a precious moment I’ll keep in my heart forever!

It’s big, it’s bright, it’s loud, it’s handmade – it’s a perfect thing for a toddler. Good thing about busy boards for toddlers? If you include what they like most, rest assured that it will keep them busy.

Make a busy board for two-year-old

And rest assured it will keep them busy. The set of elements on it looks to provide more realistic challenges than most of the baby toys. It is a great toy that drives children’s confidence, engineering thinking, and imagination. And all that while mom can have her cup of coffee in peace.

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