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Do you enjoy woodworking projects? I love them. Over years I made dozens of cool things. Wood is the best material for kids – it’s cheap, natural, and sturdy. I love to harvest it, or buy it in the store, or use reclaimed wood. All wood is good. 

As I work on the boards, shelves, workbenches, chairs etc. (my family has even built few houses we own), I never can let go of all the scrap wood cuts. They pile in the corners, and every now and then I will cut off a piece I need. So they become smaller, and smaller, and smaller. In the very end, when they’re no good for anything else, you can make scrap wood toys! 

Over few years I collected my favorite ideas on Pinterest board, and now I’d love to share them with you. The internet is full of wooden toys, but what I looked for was simplest rough creations with a quirky twist. When I make toys out of scrap wood, I really don’t want to get too busy with measuring or polishing. I just want to throw it all together and have fun. 
Hence these easy scrap wood projects for kids will be a perfect weekend fun activity for you and your little ones. Or, if you’re a school teacher, you may use these ideas in class. Most of them need very little preparation and are very customizable. 
Let’s begin! 

Scrap dogs by Dutch blog ogenhanden are so cute! This whole blog is priceless for teachers – it is full of adorable school art projects. 

I can hardly think of an easier DIY woodworking project than these medals

Now, to these blocks. I tried this tutorial in my before-photo era. Took a whole day including the cutting and sanding and painting. They made a great jumbo toy truck filler, by the way! But. These blocks are big, and turn out to be rather heavy. If you still have toddlers, better skip building tippy towers. Keep close to the ground.  
These horses! Did it ever strike you that toy horse doesn’t have to rock at all, actually? Little kids will enjoy it just as much if it’s so realistic and BIG! The photo is from Kendra’s lovely blog.
Tree slice stamps that are handy, friendly and easily disposable. 
Cut your wood into shorter shapes and make stackable facial features out of them. Go creative with the hair! (can’t track back this pin – let me know the author if you can)
This plane is really easy to make and will look so badass when you paint it black. Or red. Personally, I prefer red. With stripes. 
Add some scrap hardware to your scrap wood and make a busyboard. Utilize any shapes and colors you’ve got. Swipe through your kitchen junk drawer, too – and add a whisk or a spare clothespin to it. 
This perfect cow shape from brilliant Animaderos is so easy to follow! 
The modern dollhouses by Joel, for sure! Put together scrap plywood and scrap fabrics into a quintessence of taste. 
Steal this idea from Sketch.Inc and make a tiny forest to put next to the dollhouse. Paint it together with your kid, and then re-paint as the seasons’ change. 
This awesome skyline set from wonderworld has an extra cool feature of glow-in-the-dark. But, if you’re on the more DIY side… it’s just neatly cut 2x2s, after all. Give it a try!
A handful of wood cuts and nails, and in no time you have your own band of horses. Oh, and they’re absolutely action-figure-rideable. Thanks for the inspiration, re:something
These figurines by illustrator Daniel Frost look like a perfect personalizable project for the Father’s Day. 
 The Offcuts! It’s all in this word. What you will need: no skills, no efforts, a universe of imagination. Ask your little ones to help you if you can’t handle it alone. 
Cut the 2×2, add plywood wheels and stick a flame up it’s behind. Wheeeeeeeeeee! 
From pprofessors blog. 
Robotitos by Joaquin Camp are just a “whoaaaaa!” – I think I’m making one right now!
Another idea by Joel, – and a brilliant one! The sand combs will instantly add the “zing” to your sand castles. Make them of scrap plywood or any board up to one inch thick.
If you’re all into Navy and aim for making some ships, follow the concept from Sarmiento. Carefully balanced, your toy ships will be able to stay upright when floating. Also, they look like real cargo ships and can carry little men onboard!   
 *shiny-eyed emoji*
Sounds like I will be nailing some of those pins very soon. Emir enjoys costume play the most now, so I think that the medals will be a huge hit.
As for me, I want the dollhouse. 
Are you a woodworker? Do your kids like playing with the scrap wood? What is your favorite use for it? Let me know – I’ll be happy to add some more links to my board!  
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