Last week Emir turned two. Yesterday we threw a big party, and out of nowhere it went just fabulous. Seriously, there were some adults (not mentioning kidults), jealous of not being invited to toddler’s birthday party. I take it for success.

These crowns were a huge hit. It’s rather old DIY idea, so you’ll find a hell of tutorials throughout the web. Now it’s all just about versatility. I went with these three patterns.

They’re really easy. It all took me like half an hour (skipping the time for paint to dry). By the way, I shot them after the party. So they’re quite durable cardboard rolls, I say.

Add some ribbons to put them on little (or big) heads. Actually, it was a hit among all us 30+. Great for selfies! And quite a conversational starter, too.

Voila. BTW, nothing bought for this project, only leftovers here. Saving toilet paper rolls was a challenge, though 🙂


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