DIY woodworking at home with kids workshop balcony atelier woodworker hobby desk

Great milestone in #OyBoy #busyboards making: we got sales on Etsy! For a bunch of reasons, it really is a big deal. Have you noticed, how success comes to you when you stopped all your tries and switched your attention to something else? Well, that’s what is happening to me right now. I have sales, I have orders for busyboards, I master new marketing hints – and I have to leave it all, ’cause we decided to move to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam!

You can imagine, what a mess I have in my head right now. That’s my excuse for not blogging for such a long time. I have to arrange everything, to find a house and a nanny, to decide what to take with us, what to sell and what to store, etc, etc.

I will try to go on with my hobbies there, in HCMC, and actually I’m pretty excited about this move. But I will miss my sunny balcony workshop SO MUCH…

Hope woodworking in Vietnam is popular! I can’t wait to lay my hands on some bamboo.

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