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I have a very special friend. Her name is Martha, and she is almost 6. Every time we meet, we give little gifts to each other. This spring I decided to skip toys and make nice kid necklace, so Martha could add it to her favorite spring looks.

That’s what I had:

  • pretty string
  • wooden beads (a handful)
  • one special bead (mine was little b/w dog head)
  • wine cork (not quite common supply for kids craft, i know))) )
  • screw loop
  • some paints (acrylic enamel works best)
Great inspiration for beads design here
This project is soooo easy. Think of your design, then start painting beads and wine cork. Apply a coat of paint, let it dry thoroughly, and apply next one.

Hardest part for me was to decide, what color string to use. I had green, yellow, pink, blue, orange and turquoise, and they all are so beautiful! I thought blue would be perfectly in color scheme, and classy, and all that stuff. “But orange” – I said to my hubby, all in doubts, – “is more childish.” “Isn’t that the point, darling?” – he answered. So, orange it is! 
Start arranging your necklace. First do it loosely, just to see how you like it best. Then, when you’re happy with it, add few knots in between beads. It keeps everything in place, and just looks better. 
I left string untied on purpose. You should first put it on child and fit to size, then make a simple knot.
I packed it in tin box I had on hand (Martha loves HelloKitty). We’ll meet this saturday, and I just can’t wait to give this pretty accessory to my special girl!
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