This is a great learning activity to practice numbers, it is super easy to make, requires almost no supplies, and your little one will love to help you on the way. Lying on the intersection of cars play and learning, it couldn’t amuse both little boys and their parents more! 
Do you have any troubles teaching numbers to your kids? I’m constantly on the lookout for good solutions because this is an area of struggle for Emir. He is good at counting and has no problems adding numbers, but it’s hard for him to memorize their very looks. He only can name 4, 5, 1, 3 and sometimes 7 more or less confidently. 
So when I came across this numbers teaching idea on Pinterest, I was immediately sold. It requires literally no added costs aside from about 6 minutes of your time.  
You’ll need: 
  • Masking tape
  • A cardboard box of approximately A4 size (a cereal box will do, cut it in half and tape the borders)
  • Sharpie
  • 10 toy cars like HotWheels, Matchbox or similar
Step 1. Take your cardboard box and mark the parking lot spaces inside. Make sure each is enough to fit a car. 
Step 2. Draw numbers from 1 to 10 in each slot. 
Step 3. Pick ten cars with even roofs, big enough to fit a number. 
Step 4. Cut pieces of masking tape to fit each car. 
Step 5. Stick the masking tape on cars and write the numbers on it. 
Step 6. Ask your kid to match the cars with the parking slots. 

Easy-peasy, huh? 

We have over 200 toy cars by now. Toys, DIY, and education combined – what more can you ask for? Your boy is guaranteed to be engaged. 
Share how it went on the original Pinterest post – I love the new option “Did you try this pin”. It really adds to the community. 



Here are several more educational projects with toys from my Pinterest boards I plan to try out soon. I really feel sometimes that I’m behind with the educational activities. Of course, they have a lot of stuff happening in kindergarten, but support from home is priceless. And it’s so good to feel like you’re nailing this parenting thing and in a fun way.
Love how these masking tape shapes can be made huge!
A very similar idea but for learning names spelling. Making this one today!
This custom alphabet book requires quite some input, but it is oh too cute and can become a treasured memorabilia for all family. 
This rhyming basket must be really fun! I love how it evolved for the older kids from the sensory basket idea. 
Also, a super easy letters-learning activity that needs no supplies at all. Genius! And it can be tweaked for very different subjects. Think basic maths with adding numbers, or matching countries/states and their capital cities. 
Are there any parents of kids with ADHD here? What tricks and learning activities do you use to help your little ones focus and engage? I could really use some advice. 

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