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ビジーボード 手工制作木制玩具BUSY板儿童感觉玩具精细运动自然学习. 바쁜 보드. "幼児学習ボード 幼児ビジーボード 赤ちゃんの細かい運動能力を練習するための多機能教育玩具、それにより、赤ちゃんはより良い手と目の調整を行うことができます "

This cool outdoor busy board for Pokemon lover bears some loud and bold parts, such as an actual car claxon.

outdoor busy board
忙板 ビジーボード "幼児学習ボード 幼児ビジーボード 赤ちゃんの細かい運動能力を練習するための多機能教育玩具、それにより、赤ちゃんはより良い手と目の調整を行うことができます " 바쁜 보드
ビジーボード 手工制作木制玩具BUSY板儿童感觉玩具精细运动自然学习. 바쁜 보드. "幼児学習ボード 幼児ビジーボード 赤ちゃんの細かい運動能力を練習するための多機能教育玩具、それにより、赤ちゃんはより良い手と目の調整を行うことができます "

When you’re placing an outdoor busy board for your kids, make sure it stays under some kind of a cover. We’ve tested both ways, and the rust is real.

The busy boards, also known as sensory boards or activity boards, are fantastic developmental toys that keep babies busy. They introduce problem-solving and encourage curiosity with a fun hands-on experience. What’s great though, is how they can evolve with the kid.

For a five-year-old, you can pick more “academic” pieces with numbers and letters. Yet, they still will enjoy the same steering wheel that two-year-olds do.

Busy boards

Fit great in small nooks

Create open-ended setup

Show numbers in play

Satisfy research craving

The round busy board is the key to a guaranteed eye-catchy design. We’ve made several of this shape, and though harder to make, it always hits the bull’s eye.

Kids just get lured to this outdoor busy board with cool elements, especially steering wheel and klaxon. And, of course, the Pokemon Ball shape they love.

Poke Busy Board bears some real factory tumblers. It also boasts the coolest rotary phone centerpiece and extra sophisticated mile counter. Another thing we love about the outdoor busy board? It is how it can introduce letters and numbers in the play scenario to kids.

All the buttons and locks are in place. The layout resembles a captain’s steering table for the monsters catching machine. It couldn’t be better! Placed in the little nook under the playground, covered from sun and rain, with a little seat in front of it, it made a perfect play space for all cousins that summer.

What is the best thing about outdoor busy board?

By far, the best thing about outdoor busy board is that it is much friendlier to your ears, simply by being outdoor. Finally, you can put on it all the loudest elements, such as honks, cowbells, xylophone or whistle, and not go mad.

There is only one risk – that kids will rummage all your barns and sheds for the extra additions to their “control panel”. Because inventiveness really is contagious.

Making an outdoor busy board can be an amazing project to do together with your kids. Even your extended family can take part. For sure, they will be happy to get their junk drawers a bit less messy!

This is a great family activity, which can be a lot of fun. Maybe, make a busy board with the older siblings for the baby? Or ask the grandparents to help? Let us know if you ever tried doing a busy board yourself!

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