A cloudy sky is one of my favorite patterns for the kids room. You can apply them to pretty much anything, and it will turn out awesome. Check this decor, this nursery art, and this wooden cloudy crown to get the feeling. Even the beigest walls can’t fight the clouds, ahahahaha!


This one above was a bit of a tribute to “Aviator“. I named it after Jiro Horikoshi – Japanese aviation engineer who created Zero Bomber. Miyazaki’s “The wind rises” is based on his story.

Few steps that I got to document. I had a pre-cut and sanded by hand (my hard-working hand) rubber tree 40×60 cm board. Then I took some painters tape and taped it here and there. Traced big and small clouds on it and cut them out with an x-acto knife. You want to leave the cloudy parts covered.


After applying few layers of sky blue acrylic, I peeled off the tape.

Then I made a small uneven, shaggy hank of twine and used it as a brush to pat the clouds with white paint. In that way, I got clouds with uneven, shaggy texture. Frankly, I was pretty tired of evenly traced clouds.

  • Mind the sides.

  • Beta-testing.

  • Then I applied details.

  • And more details. Ta-da!

The best one is a water tap, for sure. All in all, it turned out to be more about sky and weather and the wind than about aviation. I’m fine with it, though. It’s even funnier, in a way. You can pour rain from a cloud and play lightning with power socket.

Still, Jiro will be updated. I have this tiny bucket with a handful of jingle bells. They just beg me to become a part of this board.

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