heart baby busy board life skills teaching

We have developed this loveliest interactive Heart design for our Easy Busy Boards in a collab with an amazing kids illustrator Tanya Pirog. We cannot be happier about how cute it looks.

Can you imagine how many fun designs can this bring? We’ve only got samples a couple of days ago, and we already put on a hundred faces on it.

And we were very happy to try out this Heart baby busy board by making a personalized design for little Andrew.

heart baby busy board life skills teaching

What should you put on a baby busy board?

Whatever you want! As long as it’s safe. The perfect set of parts will be different for every caregiver. Why? Because we’re all different.

Andrew’s mom, Marilyn, was very particular about the functionality of this baby busy board. She wanted the life skills, hands down. That’s why our go-to elements were zipper, snap buckle, dog collar buckle, few locks with keys, shoelaces, and jar screw top.

The upcycled computer fan is always lots of fun and gives a great lesson on inertia and physics. The jar not only gives training on a screwtop operation. Kiddo can put anything they like inside and screw back on board. That makes it an incredible interactive element.

And Andrew grasped the concept right away. He grabbed a rubber ball, put in the jar, and screwed it back on this baby busy board. That’s just the beginning, Andrew!

With the two sets of keys and two locks on the board, it makes the perfect puzzle AND props for the imaginary role-play.

WHY make an ultra-personalized baby busy board?

Do you see how his face lights up when the lock opens? That’s exactly why we love doing what we do. When the right element clicks with the right kid, the fun kicks in.

How to make a baby busy board like this?

Not only this board is cute and hearty. It is one of the good-to-go samples prepared for our upcoming Kickstarter launch.

Together with our manufacturer, we pinned down the pine boards and baby-safe paints. The surface is perfect, and this little logo on top just makes our heart melt.

baby busy board makerTogether with our superb software, these boards will become the foundation to make the dreams of all creative caregivers come true.

Do you want your kid to have things made with love? Now you can take it in your hands. ?

easy busy boards builder kickstarter

Easy Busy Boards™️ Builder will empower every caregiver to make a unique toy with all your love.  This Heart design will be a Kickstarter Limited Edition, with only 100 pieces made. (Only 99 now!)

—-> Make sure to sign up on Kickstarter & be the first to get our special proposals! ?.

We’ve come a long way

Now we’re more than happy to open up the unbeatable fun of toy-making for all the caregivers out there. No matter if you have DIY skills or power tools, making a one-of-a-kind plaything for your baby is a special experience.

We’re happy to bring it to you and make more babies happy and busy!

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