busy board for girl named Tommy

Easy Busy Boards™ vision of a busy board for girl is…

…NOT “a busy board for girl” in striking pink, with hardware replaced by “silk bows” and “cute dresses with buttons” and “braids” and the whole haberdashery store.

And, actually, it’s not because of the color. Color is great.

For example, see this Sprinkles busy board. It was built in a trial batch of the gender-neutral Easy Busy Boards patterns, along with the Circus activity board. Both landed with girls!

The wavy pattern was inspired by the Ship busy board made for 2-year-old Slavik. The rounded waves are just the perfect pattern for the neutral nursery, it is bouncy and soothing.

It also turns out very lovely when you place your round-shaped elements along the waves. Don’t you love the glazing on a cake look?

What do these elements teach, exactly?

The Sprinkles busy board is equipped with elements for the 1-year-old, yet they can go a long way. The large doorknob is a great tool to hold onto when little ones master gross skills like sitting and standing up ✅ . You see that here the door chain is strategically ? placed next to the handle. This way, it will be easy even for the 9mo old to hold onto the board while sitting or standing and handle pieces one by one.

We love putting sensory components in pairs. Two chains, two wheels, two yellow wheels, and two rollers are all better than one. That’s because we humans strongly love two more than one. The human brain loves symmetry. We find it beautiful and attractive.

In the case of busy boards, using two pieces triggers kids to use both things simultaneously. Thus, they learn to use both hands in play ✅ , coordinate their movements and finesse motor skills in both left and right hands.

The switches, latches, and chains in different materials inspire engineering thinking and creativity. It’s an amazing introduction to STEM for babies

And two spring door stoppers are just pure fun. Kids can never get enough of their mesmerizing wobbling.  

What’s good to know when making a busy board?

Whenever you go with unusual components for the homemade activity board, be ready to spend several days figuring out how to attach the elements. This board in particular demanded the extra 1 1/4 wide drill bit to install ball rollers properly. These are the usual setbacks that can await when you DIY a busy board.

Adapt, improvise, overcome! You’ll get there. Or, just get a simpler kit right here.

What is special about busy board play?

An amazing thing about these toys, whether you make a busy board for girl or for the boy, or a group of kids, is how the accessible parts inspire open-ended play.

Busy boards spark up amazing combinations and inventions. To boost this feature, place parts in a way when they can connect and interact. Here, to start with, two chains can connect, and the hook on the top left can hold the yellow wheel.

We love that babies and toddlers, boys and girls alike, will bring in other elements of play and come up with the most unexpected ways to use busy boards.


See the puller toy & xylophone that Tommy added to her cozy play nook? Just you wait, by the time she’s 5, there are going to be levers, tension rods, and ziplines all around that busy board.

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